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AI Product Hive is my favorite AI community

It’s on Slack, there are interesting discussions about AI tools, there is no spam or meaningless noise, plus they sometimes invite guests to chat about AI news.
Tereza Tizkova
Head of Growth @

There’s a channel for everything.

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Aspiring founder turned developer and now Gen AI enthusiast. I am trying to build the best RAG system as I see it as the pivotal part of a successful AI bot with company resources

Patrick Olsen
Strategic leader

I’m a PM at an EdTech scale-up from the Netherlands. Looking into AI to support teachers in their work related to building and grading exams.

Hein Gijsman
Product Manager

I am a Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience, currently navigating the world of SaaS for Enterprise and Enterprise segments as a Solution Architect and CTO.

Oleksandr Knyga
Software Engineer

Mathematics Graduate worked at McKinsey. Now building sandboxed cloud environments for AI-powered apps and agentic workflows

Tereza Tizkova
Head of Growth

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We’re an AI-focused community for product managers, designers, and development teams.

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Founding Company

Planorama Design link

Accelerate products to market with Agile UX/UI design, user story and test case documentation. De-risk your development while reducing internal costs.

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Notable Community Projects

Here are some of the projects our community members are working on.


Sinfonia empowers product managers by streamlining the ideation, evaluation, and definition of product requirements.

Matt Genovese


Create full-cycle development requirements in minutes with the power of AI

Valentyna Zakharova

Toast Tracker

Create unique and compelling wishes, send them right on time

Maksym Khamrovskyi

AI ML Jobs

Job board for AI, Data Science, and Machine Learning Jobs


Cloud Careers Hub

Job board at the forefront of Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence.

Laura Dobos

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