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In this AIPH newsletter issue, we’ll discuss a community project that can roast your flat’s design, the Rabbit R1 controversy, and add data from verified data vendors to your GPT or AI app!

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  • It was only a matter of time before AI hardware drama would affect not only the Humane AI pin but also Rabbit R1. It took only two weeks 🙂 In this thread, you can find out that people have already cracked the Rabbit R1 and discovered its Android. Oops.  
  • Alan asked if there are any community members familiar with any libraries similar to Marvin AI or Instructor that work well with JavaScript and the OpenAI Assistants API. Jump in the thread if you can help! 
  • Help Ashish out by completing this anonymous 5-question survey about LLM application performance with a focus on user analytics.
  • Daniil started an AI newsletter for Creators and Founders called Creators AI and crossed 5k subscribers. Say “hello” in this thread!   



  • Dan shared a product they’ve just launched: the first self-serve marketplace for adding data from verified data vendors into your GPT or AI app. More details can be found here.

  • Parsa is one of Iluvatar’s cofounders. They’re building tools to help AI companies incorporate user feedback and iterate faster in production. Check out the tool!
  • John is building tools to help people with their content creation / automation for social media and to pair brands and content creators together. Interested? Drop him a DM
  • Miguel helps AI & SaaS related businesses like startups, projects or native tools become more efficient by elevating their presence in the AI scene. If you’re looking to boost your market presence or elevate your user base with AI – you might be interested in reaching out to Miguel
  • Shreya posted an update on her product AI Camp: Teamspace has just arrived!
  • Li is currently building a multimodal AI product. They used it to generate voiceover for a couple house tour videos. One of them is more of a roast than a house tour. You definitely need to check it out, it’s hilarious 😂
  • Natalie built a developer tool that enables teams to ship high-quality LLM-powered functionality far more easily and quickly, with a fantastic developer experience for systematically prototyping, evaluating, improving, monitoring, and collaborating. More details here.

    It’s super cool to see so many original projects from members of our community. And not only “chat with …” stuff


If you need to figure out what to do over the weekend, here’s the Prompt Engineering workshop recording with the one and only Akshat Bahety!

Akshat covered all the basics in one hour, plus some extra questions from our dear community members Juan and Ofer.

Check it out if you’d like to become more efficient while working with LLMs 


And please fill in a feedback form afterward: https://forms.gle/viRCE1woAHmrzYKS6

Meet Akshat!

Akshat is working as a Project Manager and bringing AI to his organization. His agency, betterWithAI.in, helps empower people’s businesses with AI solutions, custom agents, and chatbots.

If you’re looking for a way to add AI to your organization – ping Akshat on our Slack

He also creates a ton of valuable content about AI on his socials: 

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