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AI helps software engineers cheat during an interview, Google destroys search ranking for websites with AI content, AWS dropped seven free online courses on AI.

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  • Tim shared a mind-blowing demo of a tool that helps you cheat during an online interview. AI listens to the conversation and provides answers for the interviewee in real-time.
  • Beware: Hugging Face’s AI Models Could Be Spying on You! – over 100 AI models on Hugging Face are flagged for malicious activities, potentially turning users’ devices into hacker havens.
  • Anthony shared AI Boom’s post about AIs ranked by IQ. Claude-3 is smarter than ChatGPT-4 by 16 points!
  • Victoria Wu compared the effectiveness of Claude 3 and GPT-4 in converting a picture with web app design into a React component. Who won? Find out here.
  • Victor asked about the credit/usage-based pricing strategy for his AI dashboard product. If you’re struggling with pricing for your AI product, check out this thread.
  • Google absolutely obliterates websites with AI-generated content. If your SEO strategy depends on AI content – share your metrics.
  • Shreya asked about AI accelerators worldwide that are good for AI startups. If you’d like to join the acceleration program – here’s the list for a good start.
  • “AI software engineer” by Cognition has blown up social media in the recent couple of days. Check out their demo and find out what Andrej Karpathy thinks about them


Amazon just released seven free online courses on AI

1) Generative AI Learning Plan: Introduction to Generative AI – Art of the Possible

  • Planning a Generative AI Project
  • Amazon Bedrock Getting Started
  • Foundations of Prompt Engineering
  • Building Generative AI Applications Using Amazon Bedrock

2) Machine Learning Plan for beginnersStart your machine learning career with this straightforward AWS Learning Plan.

  • Introduction to Machine Learning: Art of the Possible
  • Machine Learning Terminology and Process
  • Planning a Machine Learning Project
  • Machine Learning Essentials for Business and Technical Decision Makers

3) Foundations of Prompt Engineering Course teaches key principles, methods, and tips for effective prompts.

  • Basics of Large Language Models
  • Basic Prompt Techniques
  • Advanced Prompt Techniques
  • Addressing Prompt Misuses

4) Building Language Models on AWS: Data scientists can create, train, and fine-tune models using SageMaker.

  • Addressing the Challenges of Building Language Models
  • Using Amazon SageMaker for Training Language Models
  • Demonstration – Setting up Amazon SageMaker Studio
  • Ingesting Language Model Data
  • Training Large Language Models

5) Low-Code Machine Learning on AWS

  • ML concepts and life cycle phases
  • Metrics used for evaluating model candidates

6) Amazon Transcribe Getting Started

  • Fully managed AI service converting speech to text using ASR technology.

7) Generative AI Learning Plan for Decision Makers

  • Starting with Generative AI
  • Planning a Generative AI Project
  • Creating an Organization Ready for Generative AI

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Last Friday, we had one of the most packed community calls in our history! And it’s great to see that long-time community members who built products offer huge discounts for our community!

Shreya presented AI Camp – personal ChatGPT for your team. Shreya offers 50% off on every plan for the community members. To get it, send her a DM!

Gavin told us about BestParseUse the coupon code “AIPH” for a lifetime 50% off for BestParse Pro!

We also had a super insightful discussion about AI and its influence on the economy and the job market. Thank you to all who participated, and see you on the next one!

Call recording 👇


Welcome to new community members Gabor and Ben! 👋

  • Gabor runs a boutique gen AI consultancy. Previously, he worked at AI startups – in his last gig, they were startup partners of OpenAI (in the GPT-3 times). He and his team build gen AI apps 24/7, so he’s super keen to geek out on everything related to AI x Product.
  • Ben is a content writer and pivoted into the tech industry late last year. He spends 85% of his time at home and works remotely as an AI Data Trainer. He’s an ‘otaku’ (anime/manga fan) and loves meeting new people worldwide and making genuine connections.


  • Great video Tim shared about the $15,000 AI made by a magician in 1983. How could an Alexa-like sound-controlled device work in a home without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or even the Internet? Find out in the video
  • “Can I walk away with the $500 000 investment?” – a person asked on r/ycombinator subreddit. What a great question 🤦‍♂️

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