Hey there, welcome to our first community highlights of 2024! 

Hope you’ve had a great time off during the holiday break, recharged your batteries, and are ready to make 2024 a year when all your dreams come true 🙂 Thanks to all of you, our tiny dream to gather tech pros interested in AI together came to life in 2023!

Onto the latest AI and community stuff! 


  • Tim Robinson is blasting great product ideas into our community! First, he proposed using OBD2 car engine data and AI/ML to create a gamified fuel usage reduction strategy. Then, he shared an idea for monetizing AI-driven search. Feel free to join the corresponding discussion to share your thoughts.
  • Tereza from E2B made an article where AI founders and developers share what they think will happen for AI products in 2024 and what was their favorite product in 2023. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Google plans to replace 30,000 employees with AI tools according to the article Anthony shared. The overhaul will happen within Google’s expansive ad sales division. 

    Probably, Google already knows how to automate cold outreach to sale stuff 👇

Let’s see how soon the countermeasures will be introduced 🙃


The biggest news in the last two weeks is the lawsuit by The New York Times against OpenAI and Microsoft on the still same subject – copyright infringement. The rumors weren’t lying.

There’s information about attempts by OpenAI and Apple to negotiate with the authors’ market. However, there’s currently a mismatch in expectations regarding the size of the final compensation.

It’s too early to draw any conclusions, so let’s stay tuned.


💊 With the help of AI, scientists discovered a new antibiotic for the first time in 60 years.

💰Rumors say that OpenAI earned $1.6 billion last year.

🤖 Microsoft is adding a new button to the keyboard to summon an AI assistant. It seems like nothing special, but it’s the first change in keyboards for Windows in 30 years. The last upgrade was the addition of the Windows key

📷 Camera manufacturers plan to mark photos created by humans. An interesting twist in the story

💁 GitHub made Copilot Chat available to everyone

🍏 Microsoft Copilot is now available in the AppStore

:male-technologist: Intel is building a new independent company for AI software development

:test_tube: ByteDance is jumping into biology, pharmaceuticals, chemistry, and drug development, and it’s all powered by AI

💸 Perplexity raises a round of $73.6M at a valuation of $520M


  • An article about how AI will change the dating app market.
  • What did we figure out about AI in 2023?
  • About why and how OpenAI built GPT Builder.


  • GetSpence – your career AI co-pilot.
  • construct – a text-to-app application.
  • uform – a small model that can both understand and generate content.
  • linfo – your AI content companion.
  • Dark Visitors – a list of known AI agents operating on the Internet.
  • cognite – an open-source alternative to the GPT store.
  • research-analyst – your research assistant from CB Insights. But knowing their prices, it won’t be cheap.
  • inQuestAI – 20,000 conversations with Conversational AIs (ChatGPT, Bard, etc.) with a convenient interface. Looks like a huge source of product ideas.
  • Terrascketchers – a sketch-to-“professional”-diagrams tool.
  • AI Fitness Planner – does what the name says.
  • Rosebud – an AI platform for creating games.
  • GPTEngineer – a tool for creating web applications.
  • Captiwiz – a tool for automatic subtitle creation. If someone uses it, please share how it’s better than Captions


Our community members Mathias and John presented AI Textbooks – a product to enrich LLMs with custom high-quality data to achieve better results. 

We’re proud to have such talented founders in our community! Good luck with the product! Meanwhile, you can check out the call recording 👇

➡️ Add our bi-weekly community calls ⬅️  to your Calendar and stay tuned for future calls

Take care!

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