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The AI vs Google Search battle is heating up! Google is steamrolling websites that were spotted using AI. In response, website owners have started using “Humanizers”—tools that help make the text look like it’s been created by a human being instead of AI.

Do you use AI-generated content? Share your experience in this thread

Apart from that, a lot of cool stuff happened recently.  Let’s dive in!


  • Anthony has been watching some pretty cool developments in AI hardware, way beyond the usual smartphones and smartwatches. He shared his take on AI hardware in our newly created channel!
  • Matt loved the recently published AI Explained “Her” video. Author covered a point about the possibility of personalized models.
  • Tim shared his product idea: set up an AI agent that uses speech-to-text with a dedicated phone number and have the AI speak with the caller. There is a great demo video in the replies!
  • Anthony shared interesting story about one of the most prominent consumer-oriented AI startups called Tome and how they pivoted into B2B. 
  • Сhris asked about AI Humanizer, a tool that can make text look like it’s been created by a human. 
  • Maks shared a Google Search Console chart for his app, which has AI-generated content. Google started de-indexing AI content heavily, but it seems that some websites were able to bypass this problem.

    If your Search Console chart doesn’t look like 👇 this – you’re safe (for now)


  • Feranmi released the first version of his customer discovery tool. It’s to help simplify the process for getting and documenting customer feedback for product teams and makers. Check it out
  • Shreya  just launched Prompt Collection in AICamp. Now you can create, organize and share your prompt with your team! More details here.
  • Sathish and his team curated a list of directories to launch their products and customers’ products. They are offering it for free. 40+ sites documented, 100+ sites checked for DA and do-follow, 40+ sites with backlinks! Check it out!


  • Bhautik shared an article about starting your own software company with minimal risk. 
  • Also Bhautik made a post about the best AI Tools for Developers on LinkedIn. Check it out!
  • Tereza organized a meeting with agent builders and people from famous AI companies in San Francisco! Follow her on Twitter to stay updated on the upcoming events
  • Gabor wrote an article about product evals, which are one of the most under-discussed topics when it comes to building AI products. Give it a read!
  • Asankhaya asked for a couple of Github stars before his talk at the BlackHat Asia Arsenal. Show some love for his repo!
  • Akshat made a video on Meta AI vs ChatGPT 4 comparison.
  • María invited community members to join Experts discussion panel: AI & Data Governance — Towards Responsible Innovation. If that sounds interesting – here’s the registration link. 

    A bit of wisdom on how to become a famous AI influencer from our community member, Ethan 😁


Packed community call this time!

Mahir presented an open-source AI testing tool called TestYogi. The app simplifies web testing by allowing users to write automated test scenarios in plain English.

Vlad  presented Muraena. This lead-sourcing platform leverages AI to cut through the chaos, delivering precise and targeted sales leads without the complexity of traditional systems.

Call recording: https://youtu.be/Z7qhoszexfI


Pri shared two new open roles at OpenAIIf you want to join OpenAI as a Software Engineer in Systems – check out the link. 

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