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It’s been a whole month since we last met, and there have been numerous excellent posts in the community that you might have missed!

From fresh AI news to groundbreaking products presented on our community calls, there’s much to catch up on. Let’s go!


  • Chris shared some valuable insights from the AI Engineer Summit that happened a couple of weeks ago. For example, we might see a GPT4V API to be released at the OpenAI demo day in November. Check out all Chris had to say about the conf here
  • Anthony shared an alternative Summit summary he found in his feed. 
  • Martin Casado (a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz) posted his thoughts on the Economic Landscape of Generative AI. Our community member and a long-time friend Alex picked up key takeaways. Here’s a short summary of what the future holds according to Martin’s vision.
  • Bill suggested a great read about how the media landscape can be transformed drastically with the use of GenAI and how it can affect our society.
  • People thought Google would rank AI-generated texts lower in the search results. Instead, ChatGPT hallucination is now the canonical Google answer 🥲
  • OpenAI is set to release significant updates to appeal to developers by reducing costs and expanding features. If GPT-4 API cost was the only thing stopping you from building a product you’ve dreamed about – prepare to kick it off!

    GPT-4V(ision) API is on the list as well, imagine how many of humanity’s eternal problems can be solved. Like translating ancient languages or even something harder 👇

COMMUNITY PRODUCTS: don’t forget to drop your product description into the share-your-thing channel!

  • Congratulations to our active community member and long-time pal, Sergiu, on his first exit! His product PoweredByAI has been acquired! 
  • Jordan is building Strut, an AI notebook for content writers that instantly turns your rough notes into finished content.

PROMPTING TIPS: probably, prompt engineering will become irrelevant soon enough. Until then, let’s not miss the opportunity to squeeze all the best out of those LLMs

COMMUNITY CALL: over the last month, we’ve had truly exemplary product demos!

A reliable indicator that a speaker is well prepared and the talk is excellent – is if you must make a disclaimer “This is not a paid event” at the end of the call 😁

Brad Romney did a fantastic job outlining the problems his product is solving, explained why “standardizing product work does not work,” and presented Verdi – an AI-first workflow app that guides, connects, and streamlines product discovery for busy product teams.

Check the recording if you’d like to bring an AI co-pilot for your product team! And don’t forget to follow them on Twitter/X

Have you ever dreamed about a “Chat with Stories” button for all your project documentation? That would save you from the hassle of searching for a specific story from a year ago to explain to a business associate why something works the way it does!

Well, Chris Rickard got you covered! And it’s only one of the many cool features present in Userdoc. A product that empowers your team with sophisticated AI that ensures your project has the best chance of success. Check out the recording to find out more!

➡️ Add to Google Calendar ⬅️ and feel free to join our calls to explore the fantastic projects created by our community members!

Our community member Shane revamped our landing page ❤️

Imagine our surprise when one of our community admins was casually scrolling Twitter and stumbled upon this post. Shane gave a lot of great advice on improving our landing page, so there’s no turning back now and we’ll need to implement all of those. Thanks, Shane!

Also, if you’d like to optimize your landing page – hit him up on Twitter

Thanks for reading this far. Here’s a bonus: you can AI Rick Roll your friends. Finding out about stuff like this – one of the many benefits of our community 😉

We are glad you’re a part of AIPH! You mean the world to us!

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