Hey there! Welcome back to our third community highlights issue! 🤗 Vacation season is sadly over (hope you’ve got some tan) but let’s not get disheartened. Instead, let’s dive into the recent happenings in the community and get back to work with renewed energy 💪


  • Chris shared his blog post about search technology and the significance of the new search techniques over the past years. Check out a blog post and join the discussion to share your opinion!
  • Anthony dropped an intriguing announcement from a16z supporting open-source AI start-ups. Read more about it here and see how it can benefit your projects. If you’re building an open-source AI product – you should definitely check it out!
  • Grace shared info about some of  the AI features that Slack is rolling out. Get a glimpse of these new capabilities here and start imagining how they can improve your workspace.
  • Anthony posted mind-blowing LLM tutorial. A 90-minute video covers everything you need to know about LLMs Check it out!

COMMUNITY PRODUCTS: we’re proud to have multiple successful ProductHunt launches recently made by our community members 🥳

  • Hanna launched not one but two products! 🚀 VideoBox and Boolvideo (that ended up in the TOP 3 products of the day!)
  • Victoria and Jarod earned the title “Product of the Week” with their product Trickle, that helps you summarize, organize, and extracting insights from the screenshots. Huge success, congrats!
  • A couple of weeks ago, Sergiu Chiriac’s app called PoweredbyAI, a website directory for AI tools and prompts, had a successful ProductHunt as well!

Talking about PoweredbyAI, Sergiu presented his app on our recent community call a week ago and we had a blast!


Sergiu took us on a journey behind the scenes of his project and demonstrated how to find the perfect tool for a specific task using his own platform. We even used Userdoc, made by one of our community members, as an example.

Be sure to check out the video, jump into the discussion if you want to bring something to the table, and don’t forget to add to Google Calendar to be updated on the upcoming events!

If you have ever wondered how to run your own AI Engineering department — our latest community call is for you! We planned to talk for 30 minutes but ended up speaking for three times longer because we got too excited 😁

Alex, Director of AI Engineering & Partner @ Neurons Lab, told us how to help a company build its own AI products, why B2B contracts rock, the risks of clients interfering with a well-functioning model, AI department governance, and many other cool stuff. Check out the recording 👇

As the days become shorter – people get back to working routine. Luckily, the times of crowded open spaces and chairs that have questionable lumbar support are over for the most part. So, if you want to hang a hammock in your living room home office to make that vacation vibe last longer – nothing can stop you! Just don’t forget to share the photo in our Slack 🙂 

Thanks for being a part of our community, see you again very very soon!

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