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It was an exceptionally productive week for our community in terms of content, excellent insights shared, and fantastic products. One of our community members’ projects received a Golden Kitty award in the “AI Features” category from Product Hunt, making it the year’s best product! 

Let’s dive in!


A few weeks ago, Tereza asked in our Slack about the valuable and reliable AI products/tools community members use. Those suggestions became a part of this brilliant Medium article on 37 AI tools for daily life. 👉 Check out the article, give it some claps (likes on Medium), and drop a comment if you have anything to add! 


  • Matt‘s been daydreaming about information compression and large language models and raised some interesting questions. For example, how much source information can be compressed into an N-size (parameter) LLM to retrieve it in an acceptable lossless manner at inference? Join the discussion!
  • Tim always brings exciting topics for discussion (thanks, Tim ❤️). A couple of weeks ago, he asked about local ‘small’ models, which constantly gather user context and use context to build a prompt to LLM.

    Luckily, we just had a community call with John and Mathias, who worked on the same idea. A fantastic discussion and a useful link from Uki about MemGPT can be found here.
  • Mathias is working on a “process atomizer”. The goal is to create a synthetic version of a company’s processes and deconstruct them into sub-processes recursively until we get to the fundamental units. Share your ideas here. 

    Also, he brought up an interesting idea of a Chrome extension to turn any text on a web page into a VSCode text editor. Would you use it? Drop a reply here.
  • Alan used Scenario, a generative AI engine, and passed the screen recording through OpenAI’s GPT-4V. The result? A voiceover is generated to describe the UI, interpreted by the vision model. Check it out! 
  • Ameesh wanted to know a few AI use cases in Agile, particularly for the Jira Software Atlassian tool. Gergő and Tim shared their thoughts in this thread.

    It’s fascinating to see how many ChatGPT applications our community members are finding. But, probably, writing emails is one of the most popular use cases for now 😁 


  • Anderson made a chatbot creator with ChatGPT and decided to sell it. If you’re interested in acquiring Gluestick, ping Anderson in this thread
  • Tereza turned their GitHub directory of AI agents into an interactive webpage based on E2B‘s website. 150+ AI agents and frameworks, filtering functionality, and constant updates. Save it into your bookmarks! 
  • Tracy shared SaveDay Canvas. It’s like a thought partner that helps you develop rational thoughts from your collection items. Please drop your feedback here!
  • Lasse just got his portfolio builder to work (using gpt4-v) and is looking for feedbackShortfol.io will take your existing CV and Project descriptions and match the wording and phrasing of the job spec you’re applying to create a unique Portfolio tailored to that specific role.

🏆Congrats Victoria and Trickle team!🏆

Victoria, our long-time community member, and her project, Trickle, won the Golden Kitty award in the AI Featured category! Her product will be put in the Product Hunt’s Hall of Fame. Huge success, congrats! 🎉🥳


John & Mathias are creating a networking platform to connect with potential collaborators and stakeholders. They want to know how their solution may help this problem and what other features we are missing. Please drop your suggestions here.


  • Here’s Menlo Ventures’ report The State of Generative AI in the Enterprise. Definitely check out the chapter “Three areas of opportunity where startups can win”. It will be useful for tech people, especially those on the business/product side. Pay attention to vertical AI — a super hot topic, you will hear a lot about it this year.
  • Tim shared a paper (and model) trained to find and use 16000+ APIs 🤯
  • Our friend Roma decided to step back temporarily from AI digests to start his third (!) company and focus on building products. He’s still a part of the community, of course. Good luck, Roma!

    Here’s the last (for now) AI digest he made. Enjoy! 👇


The GPTs Store is here. So, welcome to the new era of app stores! At least to the V0.1 of this.

There, you can find a search by GPTs and categories and easily create and publish your own. That’s it. Revenue sharing will be in Q1 without any specific date.

Meanwhile, it creates another market — extensions for your GPTs, like this link shorter or like this email collector.

I believe it will be huge someday, and you will have a choice – create an app for web, desktop, mobile, or GPTs. The only question that concerns me: Will there come a time when it will be easier to create an app for yourself than to find one?

Also, judging by the speed of OpenAI’s ecosystem development – please be kind to ChatGPT.


  • A new paper about Sleeper Agents from Anthropic. A really creepy thing, to be honest. You can create an agent for code writing, but after one year, it can start writing crappy code due to your original instructions. AI spy wars are coming. The summary is here.
  • OpenAI adds election guardrails to ChatGPT. Well, they’ve learned how to make point-by-point adjustments to what AI can and cannot say…
  • Volkswagen puts GPT in their cars. More GPT to the god of GPT!
  • Duolingo laid off 10% of their contractors because AI is more efficient.
  • OpenAI changes policy to allow military applications.
  • Microsoft found a potential new battery material using AI.
  • A new AI device — Rabbit R1. I wanted to write, “Does anyone understand why it exist?”. But then I’ve seen the news it is sold out. I really don’t understand why.
  • OpenAI introduced chatGPT for teams.
  • Quora raised $75M from a16z to support their creator monetization program of Poe.
  • Now, Valve allows games with AI-generated content on Steam.
  • Here is the OpenAI’s answer to the NYT lawsuit. They say NYT cheery-picked (faked) evidence against OpenAI. And in general, OpenAI is a friend of journalism. So, it’s going to get more interesting! Here is the summary.


  • EverArt — train powerful AI image styles on your visual identity
  • Mutable — generates documentation for any GitHub repository
  • Stylar — your controllable AI image editor
  • SpawnDnD — creates D&D characters
  • Weberlo — helps with your marketing attribution
  • HN Jobs AI and MoAiJobs — job boards with positions in AI
  • Sendspark — AI personalized sales videos for B2B
  • Corgea — helps security teams issue fixes for vulnerable code using AI
  • Mercor — an AI-powered platform that sources, vets, and pays your next employees.
  • Locofy — a design-to-code in 1 click


:exploding_head: Bill Gates has his own podcast (did you know that?!), and he invited Sam Altman to discuss how AI will destroy affect humanity and other high-level stuff that is better not to miss.

🗺 A not-too-long-read about who is winning the AI market, what is important, and why.

:male-technologist: How AI affects front-end engineering from Ben Tossell. Highly recommended to read.

🌍 Here is a bit more of Sam and Anna Makanju (Vice President of Global Affairs, OpenAI) at Bloomberg House at Davos discussing the global implications of AI. Here, you can find key statements

Meet Alan!

Alan joined our community recently and has already contributed tremendously! He’s launching his news and review site in the spirit of exploration and preparedness in the rapidly evolving AI landscape called AI Boom.

Check out the website and follow AI Boom’s Twitter account for more interesting AI stuff!

Oooof, this was a BIG one, hope you liked it 🙂 

Take care!

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