Hey there, in this issue, you’ll find out how to get 25,000 visitors and 1,500 backlinks for your AI product, discover if Apple Vision Pro is worth the cost, and learn to forget about API testing from now on. 

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Are you an AI product founder wanting to increase your social media following/online presence? We’ve kicked off a secret chat to help each other with that! More details here.


  • Tim has been thinking about MoE (mixture of experts) and how Delphi analysis might have value in forming a consensus across experts. Discussion can be found here
  • Debdut asked about AI tools that convert PRD docs to user stories and possible test cases of corresponding user stories. We’ve discussed if such a tool would be helpful for IT companies. Spoiler: many of our community members already jumped into the field of AI product management tools and succeeded. 
  • Also, if you’ve used Scopemaster – please drop your feedback here!
  • Kiana is currently gauging her way to becoming a successful PM! If anyone here wants to become her mentor – drop a reply in this thread. Tim already reached out to her. Tim, you rock! ❤️
  • Austin asked if anyone has recommendations on implementing multiple workflows into chatbots that use OpenAI’s technology (not their GPT products). Discussion can be found here.
  • Alan shared his feedback about Apple Vision Pro. Is it worth the cost? Find out here.


Last Friday Sandra presented Klu.so – AI search engine for all your work apps. During the call, we discussed how Klu processes vast amounts of data, deals with security concerns, API integrations, general roadmap, and many other topics.

Thanks, everyone, for participating in the call, and special thanks to Sandra for presenting the app! Call recording 👇


  • A couple of weeks ago, Mirza asked how community members manage prompts that are part of existing prod-level applications. His team ended up having multiple clients that need frequent prompt changes, and there’s been productive discussion on how the issue can be dealt with.

    In just a week, Mirza’s team created a small tool that allows clients to change the prompts using web UI. They’ve turned the problem they’ve had into a product and will open it for use soon 👉 promptum.app.

    We are super happy to see how our community helps people succeed! 🚀
  • Shreya launch of AICamp.so – Personal ChatGPT for your team. It’s a place where accessing  multiple AI models is no longer a source of frustration but a streamlined, integrated experience. Find out more
  • Matija from Wasp launched on PH for the 6th time last week. He’s got a guide for everyone who plans to do a PH launch in the future. Like/share/comment! 
  • Saumya and Abhishek are building an AI agent for API testing, so you never have to write tests manually again. They’ve trained an LLM thoroughly and refined its pattern-matching abilities to ensure that the coverage and accuracy for your backend APIs are the gold standard. All the details about Kusho.ai can be found here
  • Iskandar creates personalized celebrity AI and rap videos at  SendFame.com
  • Daisy shared her fantastic progress for her latest project: in just one month, her website attracted over 25,000 visitors and gained more than 1,500 backlinks. Check out her product that will help you achieve the same: boostaitraffic.com
  • Ethan is a visual designer with an MSc in AI. In his spare time, he’s making fantastic yet simple comics at madeforhumans.ai. Brilliant work, Ethan! 👇

🏆Congrats Sergiu!🏆

Sergiu, a long-time community member and indie hacker found a successful product niche!

He created aidirectori.es to help AI tool founders submit their tools to a vast list of AI Directories fast. The result will be more backlinks, increase of organic traffic, increase of domain rating and of course it can bring more sales.

And his idea started getting traction. Multiple sponsors, a lot of attention on Twitter and happy customers. Great job, Sergiu!



  • ChatGPT for Teams: OpenAI’s newest trick, making teamwork dreamwork with a little AI help.
  • Luma’s Genie 1.0: a text-to-3d model capable of 3d objects with materials, quad mesh retopology, variable polycount, and in all standard formats
  • CassetteAI: Simply upload your video, and CassetteAI will capture its essence and create the audio
  • WolframGPT: Computation, math, curated knowledge & real-time data from Wolfram|Alpha and Wolfram Language
  • Dive into ‘Prompt Engineering with Llama 2: Notebook covering prompt engineering & best practices for developers, researchers & enthusiasts working with large language models.
  • JSONalyze: Where JSON meets SQL magic, transforming API clutter into query-ready insights in a snap.
  • Pinecone serverless: Lower cost, less infrastructure management. Get started with $100 in usage credits.


  • Quora’s Big Money Move: $75M from a16z to pay bot creators. Who knew AI chatter could be so lucrative?
  • The Generative Times: The New York Times is building a Generative AI team. The pen might be mightier, but the algorithm is faster.
  • Beyond AI Exposure: According to an MIT paper, AI’s not ready to take over; humans win on cost in 77% of jobs.
  • X Corp’s AI Data Center Dream: $700 million on the line for a new AI data center in Atlanta, thanks to a sweet tax break.
  • DeepMind’s AlphaGeometry: solves Olympiad geometry problems. It was trained solely on synthetic data and marks a breakthrough for AI in mathematical reasoning.

Thanks to our invaluable community member Alan who’s behind that digest 👆 He’s launching his AI news and review site called AI Boom. Check out the website and follow AI Boom’s Twitter account for more interesting AI stuff!

Meet Daisy!

Daisy is an Indie Maker and a No-code Explorer. Quit 9-5 to start biz online, living to become a world citizen. She runs a successful business, BoostAITraffic.com, that helps improve AI product visibility and gain quality backlinks.

Follow her journey on Twitter, and feel free to reach out if you’d like to promote your AI tool!

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