Hey there, lots of exciting stuff happened in the last couple of weeks.

We had our first AIPH Unplugged community call, which was dedicated solely to discussions. There will be a webinar about AI-assisted logic design on a RISC-V implementation, and Tereza put out a long list of brilliant blog posts.

Let’s dive in!


Our small sub-community of AI founders who want to help each other grow has its first results! We’ve exchanged backlinks on our websites so that it won’t only help with SEO and overall brand visibility but even bring additional leads to our products.

So, if you are an AI product founder wanting to increase your social media following, online presence, or product visibility, join us!


  • Join AIPH’s founder Matt and Semiwiki on March 21 as we dive into our innovative solution, Sinfonia. Acting as a central hub for product specs and requirements, Sinfonia, with the assistance of commercial and open large language models (LLMs), supports engineers throughout the design process.
  • As the internet pivots to AI-driven search, we face two principal challenges: making your content valuable training data for LLM and enhancing website content for a future where Q&A is the role of AI. Tim presented his PoC to optimize the web for AI.
  • Miranda is calling (pre-) seed AI startups & founders in Europe. Deep Tech Momentum (May 14-16, 2024) is an invite-only bootcamp designed to accelerate the top 100 European early-stage Deep Tech startups forward and boost fundraising opportunities. More details here.
  • Clayton put out an absolutely brilliant interactive guide on “Where to build AI-enabled products“. Check out the text version if you’re a solopreneur or a small team.
  • As a tester in a previous life, Tim wonders if we are not seeing the adoption of tools at the same pace as innovation is related to the risk of implementation. And there is a gap in the market for test frameworks.
  • Anthony mentioned that during the recent community call, we discussed that small local LLMs can probably help with the issue Tim mentioned. Since small LLMs are immutable, predictable, and thus more reliable.

    Talking about community calls, this one has been special!


Our first AIPH Unplugged community call happened on Friday, and it’s been a blast!

We had a super exciting discussion in the first half of the call, thanks to everyone who participated! In the second half, Max presented his experiment on the most effective way to market your AI tool: SEO vs micro-tool.

He will share the results of his experiment in a month to compare the effectiveness of those two approaches.

Call recording 👇


Max’s experiment that he shared during the community call has been inspired by the article “Mini-product based SEO” that Chris shared.

The idea is that instead of many blog posts with SEO keywords, you create mini-products. These are one-feature websites with a specific task to solve a burning problem and funnel users to the leading software.

A great example of such a tactic is Ahrefs’ SEO tools. Why does this work? Because you are solving a particular problem. So you will rank very high. Example: Many people wanted a way to download LinkedIn videos, so the author created a mini tool to help them. The result? Rank 1 on Google and 1,000,000+ unique visits a year. And not to mention slow, evergreen growth.

Check the original post and join the discussion under Chris’s post.


Some time ago, we jokingly suggested that if Tereza will proceed making fantastic blog posts at such a pace we’ll need to make a dedicated section in our newsletter. Looks like Tereza took that challenge seriously  😅

She wrote a lot of new posts on AI agents, especially the coding ones. Join the discussion if you’d like to know more

CrewAI vs AutoGen for Code Execution AI Agents
 – Tereza tested CrewAI and compared it with AutoGen, mainly regarding the LLM-generated code execution capabilities.

Limitations of Running AI Agents Locally – A few obvious and less obvious issues that developers can experience when building AI apps that execute LLM-generated code locally.

LLM-powered Code Interpreters – What is a code interpreter in the AI sense + some popular examples.

Plus one non-technical: Why Is San Francisco So Great for Startups?


  • Shreya launched her product AIcamp.so and is looking to connect / get help from someone with a background in GTM, Product Marketing, and Positioning to nail positioning for AIcamp. If you’d like to help – here’s the original discussion
  • Gavin is excited to introduce his latest project, bestparse.com. This tool is designed to be both user-friendly and highly adaptable, providing a parsing API that effortlessly transforms disorganized and challenging text (think content scraped from websites, miscellaneous emails, and more) into neatly structured, usable JSON data. Drop your feedback here.
  • John been collecting all LLMs in my chrome bookmarks, and pushed them all into a directory llmmodels.org 

Meet Tim! 

We’ve been thinking for a long time about how to introduce Tim because he’s a genuinely invaluable community member. He brings in exciting topics, sparks discussions, and proactively offers his help with community calls. After discovering his LinkedIn bio, we realized that there was no better way to describe his accomplishments 👇

Hello! I’m Tim Robinson, an Agile enthusiast and somewhat AI obsessed – I’ve delved deep into AI tool development at Tanagra, and it turns out people actually enjoy my talks on the subject.

My experience includes driving Agile transformations in challenging environments, notably a significant MOD project, where my blend of directness and humor navigated through complexities. Also, I played a key role in steering Ubiquisys to an astonishing £310 million sale.

So, if you’re looking for someone who can decode complex AI and Agile conundrums with a clear, no-nonsense attitude and a sprinkle of humor, I’m your man.

Reach out to him via LinkedIn or our Slack. Thanks for being with us, Tim! ❤️

That’s it, take care!

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