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If you’ve had a rough week — remember that you could be the crisis manager at Google, having to deal with the consequences of the Gemini launch. 🥲 

Roma shared his take on the launch:

So, Google introduced the new model and split it into 3 sub-models: Nano, Pro, and Ultra (seems like they have been studying naming from Apple). 

Nano for running on small devices like mobile phones. Pro for general use cases. And Ultra – the coolest one. 

To be honest, there is nothing to say about Gemini:

  • The video is fake;
  • The context window is 4 times smaller than the GPT-4 Turbo window;
  • No info about costs per 1000 tokens;
  • Benchmarks – meh. Who believes them?
  • The Ultra version, which is supposed to be a competitor to GPT-4, will be shown to the public sometime later.

No worries that GPT-4 has a worthy opponent. It hasn’t (yet). 

I think it’s a huge step for Google, more than for the market. Because one of the essential parts of the announcement is “Scalable and Efficient“. 

I really hope that Google using this fundament can build something huge for end-customers, and soon, we will see useful AI-powered consumer products from this company.

COMMUNITY PRODUCTS: unlike Google, our community members know how to launch a product successfully! Look at this impressive list!

  • John Rush invented a cool way to sort gpts on allgpts.co using the same approach Google did for page ranking. 
  • Lasse has been building a tool that helps designers and creatives quickly build and host portfolios & CV’s. If you’re a designer or know someone who might be interested — drop your thoughts in the thread.
  • Sofia is looking for a technical co-founder with expertise in Conversational AI/LLMs to build a prototype to help big companies speed up hiring. Drop a reply if that sounds interesting to you!
  • Arushi offers to build Artificial Intelligence Solutions and helps to hire the best ChatGPT / Midjourney / Stable Diffusion Developers.
  • Gergő just launched a free user story map generator, check it out!
  • Gavin launched a web application to help you track jobs you’ve applied for called JobLogr.comShare your thoughts with Gavin!
  • Chris published his long-awaited book on how development agencies and freelancers can get more clients. He built and ran a 7-figure dev agency and has distilled his learnings of getting more clients into 74 actionable pages. 
  • Zeeshan has launched beta version of soft/social skills app to do self assessment and get anonymous feedback from FnF, peers and clients.
  • Jordan launched Strut, our all-in-one AI workspace for writers! Try it out.  

    And please don’t shy away from the OpenAI bills while building your apps! 👇


  • Pika (text-to-video tool) raises $55M
  • Amazon announces their own AI assistant that names Q
  • Perplexity announced their 2 new models: on 7B and 70B parameters
  • Meta released a model for speech-to-speech translation that works in near real-time
  • GPT Store is delayed to the next year
  • Meta’s AI characters are now live in the US
  • Sam Altman is a CEO of the Year according to Time (they created a new category because the Person of the Year is Taylor Swift)


📜 Ben Tossell started writing articles about some gen AI market trends. Each article is a masterpiece:
– Why do AI Wrappers get a bad (w)rap?
– Jumping on exploding AI trends?
 AI writing – a trend
– AI coding is exploding
– How do companies use AI in customer onboarding?
– The story of Replicate, a $350M company powering million-dollar AI businesses
– How to build an AI-powered company (it can be your kinda desk-book)

:man-shrugging: An AI agent from Meta that can play Diplomacy on a human-like level. 

:male-detective: The full story of the OpenAI drama in one place. And a small interview with Sam about his thoughts on the situation.

:hammer_and_spanner: An awesome visualization and explanation of how LLM works.

🍄 A short article from Andrej Karpathy about why LLMs have a hallucination problem. TL;DR: use ChatGPT cautiously for your scientific studies 


  • magnific.ai – a really cool image “upscaler”
  • resume ai checker – checks your CV and gives feedback
  • Cleo – a finance app with AI that will help you manage your finances
  • useScrapper – a web crawler made for AI
  • stockphotoai – a stock photo AI generator
  • flowlie – an AI-powered fundraising hub for founders
  • replyboy – automation of being a reply-boy on Twitter
  • Short video – a short video AI generator
  • LearnUniverse – an AI learning course generator
  • Concepto – an AI website generator
  • Strut – an all-in-one AI workspace for writers


Last Friday, we discussed how to run an AI app in a secure and isolated cloud environment with E2B – a sandbox for AI Apps and agents! It is a long-running cloud environment where you can let any LLM (GPTs, Claude, local LLMs, etc) use tools exactly like you would do locally.

Tereza, thanks for the demo, and we hope to see you again on one of the upcoming calls! 

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Meet Roma, a mastermind behind fantastic AI digests!

Roma is building LLM-powered products at Reface (a16z-backed Gen AI company), a 2x founder with $200k+ revenue, and treats us with detailed AI digests in Slack once every two weeks. 

If you need any consulting with Gen AI, hit Roma on TwitterLinkedIn or Slack!

Take care!

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