Hey there! In case you’ve missed all the OpenAI drama – here’s a quick recap: ❤️🧡💙💚🤎🤍❤️

To add a little more details: on Friday, the Board of Directors fired Sam Altman (CEO & co-founder). Greg Brockman (CTO & co-founder) was removed from the board, after which he left the company along with multiple top engineers. Emmett Shear (ex-Twitch CEO) becomes Interim OpenAI CEO as Altman, Brockman, and several lead engineers join Microsoft. Let’s see what the future brings!

INTERESTING READS: November has been huge for OpenAI, and the month isn’t over yet! 

  • No one expected OpenAI Dev Day to be such a blast. Our community members made some predictions a few days before the event, but even the most daring assumptions were too modest. 128k context for the lower price, vision API, model updates, GPT builder, Assistant API, and more cool stuff. We had to dedicate a community call to go through all the changes, more on that below
  • ChatGPT Vision + Code Interpreter = Nutrition Tracking System. It can identify components from a food pic, calculate calories & macros, build all kinds of charts. Made with absolutely zero code. This is the state of AI now.
  • If that’s not impressive enough — how about a generally intelligent assistant for your digital life that you can talk to and share a screen with?
  • Big companies are entering the niches where smaller products prevail. Is this the end for GPT wrappers? 
  • Top venture fund Coatue shared it’s vision of the AI future — over 100 slides with an analysis of the AI revolution and trends.
  • ChatGPT 5 is on the horizon, but we only know what we’ve told 👇


  • Gavin Johnsen launched the waitlist for Arach 🕷 — AI-driven technology to simplify web scraping. Check it out!
  • Sulaman shared details of The Soonami Venturethon — a week-long remote hackathon with teams eligible for $24,000 bounties and potential funding of $125,000. Join here.
  • Guohao built  a multi LLM agent framework Camel which was accepted at NeurIPS this year. Check it out on Github!
  • Daisy created a tool help you better manage your launch process! PH launch coming soon.
  • John Rush launched AllGpts — the internet’s largest custom GPT directory. Ending in the TOP5 products of the day on ProductHunt, it’s only one of many successful products John has built over the years. In case you’re interested — John is building an indie empire that you can join


We had the opportunity to see some of the products listed in John’s portfolio in action, and they pretty much blew our minds! 🤯 We covered a product’s entire user acquisition process in less than 20 minutes!

We’ve created a landing page (in two minutes tops) using AI-powered website builder Unicorn Platform. And automated its SEO from start to finish with SEObot.

SEObot generates relevant blog posts automatically that will bring new visitors to the landing page through search engines. Landing takes care of the rest, funneling users to the waitlist. A simple but elegant solution to validate your business idea before building or bringing new leads to your existing business.

Check out the community call for more details 👇 

Before OpenAI annihilated itself – they conducted an event that had the potential to be more anticipated than Apple Event. OpenAI Dev Day obliterated entire niches of small products, but they spawned two new ones for every killed niche. 

The OpenAI team decided that destroying niches one by one during a Dev Day was not enough and chose to kill every niche at once😅 

If you’re interested in what groundbreaking tech they’ve presented on Nov 6 — our community call is for you! 👇 

➡️ Add our bi-weekly community calls ⬅️  to your Calendar and stay tuned for future calls

Meet Patrick Grothkær, our valuable community member!

Aspiring founder turned developer and now gen. AI enthusiast, Patrick is trying to build the best RAG system. He sees it as the pivotal part of a successful AI bot with company resources.

Patrick helps organizations that are interested in understanding how they can leverage AI. If it happens to be your case if you know someone who might be interested — you can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn or in our Slack!

Tip of the month, taken from Sam Altman’s 2014 blog post: “It’s a good idea to keep enough control so that investors can’t fire you”

Take care!

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