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A TON of fantastic collab opportunities in this newsletter issue! Become a co-founder, AI/ML engineer at Bentley, or get a cool open-source contribution row into your CV.

But first! We’ve improved our community structure in the past two weeks!

1) Check out the new #ai-in-hardware channel for all things AI plus hardware. Got insights? Share them there!

2) We’ve renamed #brainstorming to #ai-in-software. Head over for discussions on integrating AI into software, using AI to aid development (think Github Copilot) or any ther software-related topic!

3) We’ve combined #memes and #random into the (drumroll….🥁) fun-filled #random-and-memes

We’ve explored community products and discussed how AI is redefining communication complexities. Also, we’re getting closer to 800 community members, so the pic below will be irrelevant pretty soon. Oh, and we’ve been dabbling with the word “Delve” 🙂

Let’s dive in!



  • Mahir built an open-source AI testing tool called TestYogi. The app simplifies web testing by allowing users to write automated test scenarios in plain English. Check it out!
  • Nishant is building a product analytics tool for LLM apps to help optimize the model performance and retain more users. He’s looking to connect with and get feedback from someone building an AI Copilot, customer support chatbot, search engine, or agent-based app. Hit him up if that sounds interesting!
  • Sergiu has no plans to stop delivering fantastic products! This time, he created a Product Description Generator, a free tool for creating descriptions of any product.
  • Vlad is building simple and cost-effective b2b leadgen platform for small sales teams and SDRs, with some AI magic on top called Muraena.ai
  • Talking about leadgen, ReacherX is another lead generation tool presented in our community. Give it a shot, and leave your feedback in the thread. 
  • Akshat is working on building an AI Automation Agency called betterWithAi.in. If anyone is looking for workflow automation or needs help understanding how to use AI in your business, hit him up!
  • Jordan would love to hear your feedback about Strut – the complete workspace for writers.



Last Friday’s community call was a blast!

We’ve looked at Kusho, a platform that helps you transform your Postman collection into exhaustive test suites that plug into your CI/CD pipeline. Thanks for the demo Abhishek & 

After that, Asankhaya and Rohan presented Patched.codes — AI-enabled code patching and maintenance.

Call recording: 


Let’s help each other grow! 

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That’s it, take care!

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