Thank You! And Happy New Year 🎉

What a ride this year has been! 

  • We’ve gathered together half a thousand exceptional professionals.
  • Had 14 community calls, and every single one has been a blast!
  • Kicked off the community newsletter
  • Created social media pages on Twitter and LinkedIn. Shout out to Val!
  • We’ve rebuilt our website (twice). Thanks, Shane!
  • Roma kicked off his fantastic AI digests.
  • Patrick decided to help us take the community to the next level.

Many fantastic people we met along the way are helping to improve and add value to our community every day! If you’re reading this text – this is about you! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you!

We’re closing the year with Roma’s take on the latest stuff that happened in the AI world 👇


So, this time, I’ve been collecting info on Mistral. Because they:

– Released a new nifty little model that is better than GPT-3.5 Turbo;
 Closed a $415 million round with a16z on board;
– Notably, they’re Paris-based, not in Silicon Valley.

But then Ben Tossell came out and wrote an ideal piece about Mistral, including insights from their deck.

I don’t really want to retell it, and I doubt I’ll put it out better. So, I suggest you just read Ben’s article.


:health_worker:AI now can diagnose childhood autism through eye photographs with 100% accuracy.

:detective_spy: The Federal Trade Commission is scrutinizing Microsoft and OpenAI’s investment deal.

:female-office-worker: Atlassian announced AI integration in their products.

🐣 Microsoft showcased its new small Phi-2 model.

🕶Meta has added AI to its Ray-Ban glasses. It will be interesting to get to know about the primary use cases that users have found for themselves.

💁 Google opened access to the Gemini Pro API.

:shrug: Google’s DeepMind developed a model that can solve mathematical problems. Before, it would have been, “Wow, that’s really cool!” But after the Gemini fakes…

🌅 Instagram introduced a new Gen AI tool that allows you to edit background from your photos.

:teacher: Stanford researchers found that ChatGPT did not increase the number of cheating cases in schools.

🎧 Microsoft added a feature to create songs in their copilot.

🛍 MidJourney v6 released. I wonder if there are “defectors” who run from one company to another when new versions of diffusion models are released?


:exploding_head: Pinterest’s research on what will be big next year (a must-read for those building new products).
👪 A material about  what a team building a Gen AI product should look like now. In short, all you need is:
– Product Manager with domain expertise;
– Full Stack Engine;
– And that’s all.
The main thing is to remember to use some AI tools for work.
:selfie: Guide on how to analyze 1700 survey responses using LLM.
:hammer_and_spanner: Guide on Prompt Engineering by OpenAI.


– Hydra – model and tool for music generation
– – multimodal agents that can play games. When will we see news about how similar bots are breaking game economies?
– Delphi – a product for building an AI version of yourself. On one side, I want to try it out. On the other hand, I really don’t want to.
– Coffee – copilot for frontend engineers.
– – a platform with AI tools for creating media content
– osum and cargo – tools for market research
– v0 – UI generation tool
– – romantic AI partner
– – your AI health coach
– composer – a tool for building trading algorithms

See you next year! 🥳

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